Long Island Sound Event

Information for S-boat sailors that will need to pluck, launch and step in Mamaroneck

Matt Baldwin <service@mcmyacht.com>

Service Manager

McMichael Yacht Yard #1

447 E. Boston Post Rd

Mamaroneck, NY 10543

Tel:  914-698-4957

Fax: 914-698-9463

Flat rate for launching a boat from a trailer is $11 per foot, so about $297. 

They estimate that stepping each rig will take two riggers .75 hours each to move the rigs to position, step and pin.  This assumes the owner will assemble all standing and running rigging prior to stepping.  This will not include assembling mast or tuning. Their hourly rate average is $112.50 depending on the level of expertise required. This comes to about $168.75.

All up = $465.75.  In support of the event they will do it for $375. 


The price will remain the same for unstep and haul out.  If desired, power washing bottom will be $40.00 per boat prior to setting on trailer.


If help is needed to unload / load mast from / on boat, or other work, such as bottom prep, rigging, boat delivery, etc… they will do this at a 15% discount from Flat or Hourly rates.

Trailer storage for both the home and away events will be at no charge.  They can work around the staggered delivery and pick up dates.  They would like to arrange this so that we are doing one boat after another if this is possible.  We can discuss scheduling once we figure out how many boats are coming.